Learning Vietnamese Language: Happy New Year

Tonight’s the eve for the Vietnamese new year! And even though I’m neither a Vietnamese nor currently in Vietnam, being someone trying to learn the language still makes me excited for this biggest festival in Vietnam — also known as Tết Nguyên đán, or simply Tết.

Here’s a video for my Vietnamese friend Anh and also for my friend Donna, who’s currently working in Saigon.

“I think I said the last syllable wrong… hahaha…”

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As you may have known, it’s been years since I attempted learning Vietnamese, but I am still not good with it. Ha! My last syllable on the video, I believe, is wrong. It should have a rising tone. Huhuhu.

It’s still fun though. But I’m not full time on learning Vietnamese language. I guess that’s good for long-term memory.

What I said:

Chúc mừng năm mới

You may have guessed it, the greeting is:
Happy New Year!

To break the phrase down:
chúc mừng – congratulations, toasts or something like merry wishing
năm mới – new year

Simple, isn’t it?

Learn more about Vietnamese New Year greetings from Learn Vietnamese with SVFF. They also offer a variety of no-nonesense videos for learning the Vietnamese language with Southern accent, ideal if you’ll be mostly staying in and around Saigon.

You can also support them on their Patreon Page at https://goo.gl/S3u8D6 so they will be able to help more people to learn the Vietnamese language. Thanks.

PS: This is not a sponsored post. Hahaha.

You may also find some helpful Vietnamese language books at this online bookstore. Free worldwide shipping is offered.

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Em yeu anh!

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