UNICEF Inspired Gifts 2017 Now Available

Make this Christmas more meaningful by giving a gift that changes lives!

UNICEF has recently launched their Inspired Gifts program that lets you help Filipino children on behalf of your family and friends. I guess for most people, this is a hard gift-giving concept to swallow. But if you know someone who loves to help other people (and/or supports children’s charity especially UNICEF), then this can be a great gift for them!

UNICEF Inspired Gifts 2017 banner

Making Christmas more meaningful

Basically, you’re donating to UNICEF except that you’re doing it on behalf of your loved ones and friends.

[Disclaimer: We are, in any way, NEITHER a representative of UNICEF nor a part of the organization. The writer is just an introvert who wants to help children in need especially on his birthday. ]

Just choose from among the six packages (Inspired Gifts) available, which range from basic classroom supplies (Php300) to child protection seminars and materials (Php2,500).

UNICEF Inspired Gifts to choose from

Choose your Inspired Gifts

Then you can personalise your gift by entering the name of your friend or family and his/her email address. You can also include a dedication (to your friend/family). Basically, your recipient will only receive a personalised eCard regarding the gift you ordered on their behalf. The actual Inspired Gifts will be given to the children in need or to the community/school they’re in.

You can ALSO send the gift as an anonymous person.

Learn the full details at https://inspiredgifts.unicef.ph/

So what are you waiting for? Dedicate your gifts to your loved ones and friends today.

If you want, you can also send Inspired Gifts with the Ethan Llemit blog as recipient using the following information:
Recipient’s Name: The Ethan Llemit Blog
Recipient’s Email: admin@ethanllemit.com

For the optional dedication/messages, you can include your website and your “real/online name” (or anchor text) if you want to be listed in the Ethan Llemit Gratitude page (acknowledgement of all donors will be written on the page either in list form or paragraph form depending on the total number of names)

PS: This blog post is not for solicitation purposes that benefit the Ethan Llemit blog. This website is also not affiliated with UNICEF and the writer is not working for the organisation. This is also not a sponsored post by UNICEF and it’s only written because the writer supports the charity. Sending Inspired Gifts on behalf of The Ethan Llemit Blog should only be on a voluntary basis .

Thank you and have a merry Christmas ahead of you!

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