Shaving Ordeal: Being Lazy With My Facial Hair

My Personal Tutorial on How I Style My Facial Hair

My friends often see me as a guy with a lush facial hair. They often ask me if I was trying to grow some beard. No, I’m just trying to avoid the arduous process of giving my facial hair a trim, and as you can see in the picture below, it takes a lot of procedures… well, at least for me.

Ethan's Shaving Ordeal

Check, Pluck, Buzz, Trim, Shave, Smooth

I only get to shave when an important day that requires photoshooting is coming up. Because I am too lazy, my facial hair remains unshaven for more than 3 months. *gasp* Well sometimes, I only do a part or two of the ordeal.

To Shave or Not To Shave?


If you’re interested, here is my How To guide to facial hair shaving or “hair-scaping”:


1 | Prepare the tools.

So these are supposedly the tools I use for my ordeal…

Shaving Ordeal Tools

Shaving Ordeal Tools

1) A sort of fabric that wicks hair away (like the ones used in salons or barber shops)
2) A pair of miniature scissors (I don’t know what’s this called, but i think it’s a nose hair scissors or an eyebrow scissors. if you know what this is, tell me)
3) A reliable tweezers
4) A dependable ordinary razor (double-bladed ones are better)
5) A clean, old toothbrush (to brush away hair from your chin)
6) An hair clipper (to conveniently remove large areas of hair)
7) A mirror (of course)


2 | Cover the parts from your neck down using the fabric.

That’s self-explanatory, i hope?


3 | Using the tweezers, pull out the facial hair in areas that you don’t want to shave.

I abstain from shaving the hairs on my cheeks since I don’t want those area to be rough and dark later on. From what I experienced, when you shave, the hair will grow thick, short and cut. When you pluck them, the hair will grow very thin but long. So I pluck the ones on my cheeks.

Plucking hair on checks

Plucking hairs will make them grow thin but long.


4 | Using the hair clipper, remove the large areas of hair that you don’t want to retain.

It all depends on how you will shape your beard, or sideburns, or moustache. As for this case, I plan to have some goatee left.

Shaving using hair clipper

Mowing the Lawn


5 | Using the miniature scissors, trim the edges of your facial hair.

There will be some strands sticking out of the line, so you have to carefully cut them with the scissors. BE CAREFUL not to accidentally trim your skin. *gasp*

Trimming the edges of your facial hair.

Trimming the Edges


6 | Using the ordinary razor, smoothen the freshly trimmed areas.

Depending on the kind of razor you use, this step should give your skin a smoother feel.

Shaving to smoothen freshly shaven area

Shaving to smoothen freshly shaven area


7 | Wash your face and you’re done!

And now for the finished look:

After shaving 01 After shaving 02And here are more selfies!

Selfies after facial hair trimming

If you have some Shaving Tutorial pics or if you want to show us your facial hair styling, feel free to send us your pictures.

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