My Birthday’s Coming! Please Support UNICEF

Honestly, I couldn’t find a more subtle title now. But…

My birthday is coming in a few days! *smile*

I actually don’t know if I’m happy or not. But don’t worry; I’m still your eccentric 30-something Pinoy blogger! Early 30s to be a bit more specific. Haha.

A lot has happened since my last birthday, but the most significant is when my non-alter-ego self finally lost his job because his salary maker of more than 6 years finally decided to close its operations in our country.

posing with ex-company entranceway, November 2015

Non Alter Ego with ex-salarymaker during the last day, Nov 2015

But he was kind of prepared for that change though. And now, he is doing freelance writing for almost a year now. Do you have a job for him? He’s kinda choosy though.

It’s not always sunshine for him since his income has not stabilized, plus the occasional downtime he’s experiencing. Sometimes he has a month with zero income, at times he’s meeting a bit more than half of the original salary and compensation he normally received back when he was still a corporate slave. And if he’s lucky, on rare occasions, he can land a one-time project with super-high payment (at least for his standards) that he can finish in just an hour — yeah, THANKS to his 6-year experience in an SEO company (sarcasm with bitter herbs. lolz).

We’re kind of broke most of the time. But we’re still happy because we’re now able to do what we love: doing the laundry, making and selling book thongs, travelling solo or with friends, learning a language or two, etc.

OOTD collage entitled Pikachu lure. Yellow collared shirt, brown short pants, sling bag

Or discovering local areas in Cebu with Pokemon Go! (Pikachu Lure, #OOTD Sept 2016)

For our birthday though, we’re used to not celebrating lavishly. A simple thanksgiving to the Universe and God up there, and some quality time with the family are what’s the least to do.

But if you’re planning to give us gifts, well… Non-Alter Ego’s not really into material gifts these days. Probably a sign of ageing. Haha.

But we will definitely gladly accept a round-trip all-expense paid to our dream destination India. Hahaha.

Just kidding.

Well if you’re wondering how you can express your appreciation with what this blog has offered to you e.g. entertainment, information … or anything at all, lolz, uhmmm…

My non-alter-ego will appreciate it if you make a small (or big if you insist) donation to UNICEF, a global charity that he used to support and would have continued to do so if times weren’t so rough for him.

Birthday greetings from Unicef with children photo taken by Jeremy Bayaya

UNICEF sends me greeting cards via postal mail and email every year since the first time I donated until NOW. I feel guilty not being able to continue my donations in the past 4 years. :-(
The birthday card I get from the mailman is truly heartwarming. It often feature an artwork of a grateful child. :-(
The photo says here it’s taken by Jeremy Bayaya. Please inform me if I infringe a copyright or something, I’d be glad to remove or change this screenshot

He’ll be delighted to know that at least he will be able to convince someone to help children in need, especially on his birthday.

[Disclaimer: We are, in any way, NEITHER a representative of UNICEF nor a part of the organization. Non-Alter Ego is just an introvert who wants to help children in need especially on his birthday. ]

The donations will be under your name, but you can send a message through the Contact Us page to let us know that you did it and make our hearts go fatter. Although you can also opt to be silent about the donation. :-)

I’m sorry but there won’t be tangible rewards or incentives from me if you donate.

All we can give you back in return is our sincerest thank you, perhaps a bucketful of tears of joy. :D (I’m actually crying now at the thought that hopefully, just hopefully, I might convince at least 1 to make a donation).

You can visit the UNICEF website for details about the organization and about donating. You can donate to other countries if you’re not in the Philippines.

PS: The UNICEF website and its links to regional sites have been configured improperly (for ordinary internet users), so you might be concerned about internet security. I’m confused myself but I’ve been emailing the organization from time to time. But technically, these are the sites. You can search Google or ask a webmaster to verify. – the official global website according to Google Search – the official Philippine website according to Google Search. Note that the supposedly internal link for the Donate Now button goes to a naked URL. – the URL I get when receiving marketing literature from the organization via email. It’s confusing because the domain of the email is using the Dot ORG version. So maybe this is an official PH domain name too that the organization bought to protect its right against scammers. Take note though that the internal links points to the same links shown in the Unicef.Org/Philippines URL, thus, it’s your safest bet that you’re going into the right pages. – the link to the Donation page (Philippines). Note that it will redirect to the more secure

Make sure to check the URL for HTTPS (emphasis on “S”) before entering personal/confidential information on the page to ensure security.

You can choose to give monthly or a one-time donation. Remember, it’s your perogative.

UNICEF donation buttons - monthly and one-time

Choose your currency and your donation type.

While there are options on fixed amounts to give, you can also indicate your own amounts.

Monthly donation option for UNICEF Philippines

Monthly donation options – you can also add your own amount.

UNICEF Philippines options for one-time donations

One-Time Donation options – you can also send your own amounts

They will need the usual personal details.

screenshot of UNICEF donation form

Text boxes with * will require completion

Credit or debit cards are needed to make online donations. You can also pay offline via bank transfer to their Metrobank accounts.

Offline donation options for UNICEF Philippines

UNICEF Philippines offline donation options include Fax and Metrobank Deposit

Don’t just do it for me, but for the children and the families you’ll be helping. The donations to UNICEF are generally pooled together and allocated to where the needs are highest.

I don’t get anything from blogging about this, only the pure happiness knowing that someone is caring for the innocent ones who are the future of this world.

Don’t feel obligated. It’s your choice. I know you have your own ways of helping society. :-)

Well, to be honest, I may have a selfish motive for this. Does it make me selfish if I’m also doing this because I will feel really happy and I’ll feel noble with the fact that I’m the reason or my birthday is the reason why someone is helping the children. I don’t know. Like I said, it’s your choice and the donation’s under your name anyway.

Once you’ve donated (and received a confirmation email or something from UNICEF), you can inform us by leaving a comment below or sending us a message through our Contact Page. Make sure you don’t divulge any sensitive and personal information in your messages/comments though.

We’ll be really delighted. Truly delighted.

Thank you very much in advance.

[PS: sorry about this blog post, especially if it sounds unedited (because it really is). I wrote this in haste, as there’s a chaos of emotions brewing inside me while writing the topic. Excitement. Sadness. Joy. Depression. Not to mention I have to finish writing this before the tears welling under my eyes block my vision completely. But thanks again.]

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