The 2014 Saigon Travel Diary

It has been more than a year since my trip in Ho Chi Mhin, Vietnam (still commonly called Saigon by the locals despite the new name). But I still haven’t written even half of my stories in this blog. In fact, I am still not finished writing almost 24 hours of that trip.

Sometimes, I think that I should publish these stories in an amateur travel memoir on KDP, considering that the already live blog stories are in-depth and kind of emotionally laden. But I guess they’re not too deep enough to be compiled as a travel memoir. Besides, I still have to discover a good writing style for myself, breaking away from the rigidity of work-related writing rules associated with my day job.

So I maybe I will have to continue blogging about them here first while trying out some memoir writing style in the process.

For the time being, check this page from time to time to see updates on the Saigon Diary series.

  • 140613 Saigon Day 1 Part 1: The Walk to the Independence Palace (final draft)
  • 140613 Saigon Day 1 Part 2: The Independence Palace and How I Discovered My Travelling Style (final draft)
  • 140613 Saigon Day 1 Part 3: A Crazy, Lazy Noon and Saigon’s Power Nap (final draft)
  • 140613 Saigon Day 1 Part 4: An Introvert’s Struggle for Super Late Lunch (written)
  • 140613 Saigon Day 1 Part 5: Souvenirs-Shocked at Central Post Office
  • 140613 Saigon Day 1 Part 6: Of Vietnamese Street Signs and of Getting Lost
  • 140613 Saigon Day 1 Part 7: Exploring the City at Night


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