A Very Big Thanks to an Unexpected Donor

I would like to have this opportunity to give my extreme, heartfelt gratitude to an unexpected donor who has just provided me with the funds to pay for the renewal of the domain and web hosting of this Ethan Llemit blog.

The whole year of this blog’s existence is now free! Yehey. Very big thanks.

Claim receipt from Sponsor

Thank you, Sponsor!

Technically, she paid for 1 year and 5 months of my subscription. I am so happy. She initially wanted to pay more, but I was shy.

Thank you for your sponsorship.

She’s an old friend of mine from way back my primary school years. I was surprised with her gesture because it has been more than a decade since we last talked. (Thank you, Facebook)

She asked not to be named though. But I wish her more success in her businesses and future endeavours. Thank you so much. May you have more blessings to come.

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