Having Loom Bands: Because I Support the Young Entrepreneurs of Cebu

Buying What the Creative Children Made

So there’s a new craze in town by the name of loom bands, also known as Rainbow Loom, wherein little pieces of durable, colourful rubber bands are weaved together to form a bracelet. One can also form headbands and necklaces if preferred.

The children here are excited to create some magnificent accessories, and I think it’s a good outlet for their creativity. Although the process is similar to the way we weave our collection of standard rubber bands during our childhood days, I truly appreciate the creative genius who somehow created the pegs and hooks for this interesting hobby.

Some children, with guidance from their parents, sell their creative works and I guess it’s a good stepping stone for them to experience being an entrepreneur. I think children should cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit while they’re still young (and honest), because I believe that what this country needs more in the future are creative geniuses with enterprising minds and not some slave doing robotic, unfulfilling tasks in a corporate setting.

And fortunately (well, unfortunately for my pockets – kidding!), my niece and a friend’s daughter were able to sell me some of their works (some of which were customized for me) and I’m proud to have them.

Here they are!

Loom Bands by Cristine

Loomband Rainbow

Rainbow Pride… zzzzzz


Customised Loom band - Royalty Mix-up

Royalty Mix-Up Customisation

Loom Bands by Virzen via Carmel

Loom band tulip power

Tulip Power! [Well, I thought they look like tulips so I had plants as background]

Loom Band Starburst



Loom Bands

This one is free. Yehey! And it has my favourite colours, too. Thanks much!

They’re also good when combined!

Loom bands

Border Lines. Aren’t they cute?

If a kid you know is asking if you want some loom bands, try buying one or more. Just think of it as your way of giving encouragement on his or her entrepreneurship skills. But if you feel like giving some challenges, consider asking for a customised one. Perhaps one with your favourite colours?

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