The Blue-Green Short Pants Dilemma: What to Wear

I never expected that I see the day I’ll own a pair of bright blue-green short pants for casual wear. I often asked myself, will I even look good with it? Or what shirts or accessories should I pair with it?

new short pants bought in downtown Cebu at cheap prices

I don’t worry about the pink & purple one though…

Sometime in 2013, I asked if I was ready for coloured pants — pants that aren’t in the usual colours of blue or black. Though I have a pair of short pants this time, the fact remains that I still worry about the bold, unusual colour.

How did I get it anyway?

Well, I was shopping for cheap short pants in downtown Cebu, grabbing 4 pieces that would give me huge discounts for each. I badly need shorts these days due to the frequent, heavy rain.

Then the saleslady helping me out suggested that I buy 5 pieces for even more discounts because the shop is holding a sale. The total price was tempting, especially when I calculated my cost on a per-piece basis. So in a hurry, I asked for one more pair of shorts. Unfortunately, they had no other piece in stock that fits my size… except for the blue-green pants. I guess I took it as a sign to finally own one coloured pair of bottoms.

If you have the same silly dilemma as mine, here’s what I think though.

1 | Match the Colour!

I think my short pants is more blue than green. So I guess a blue shirt may be a good idea.

blue shirt on blue-green short pants

also known as Monochromatic Harmony?

2 | Wear Analogous Harmony

Analogous colours are sets of three neighbouring colours based on the colour wheel. As in the case of blue-green short pants, something blue and something green may be paired.

blue-green short pants paired with green shirt  and blue shoes.

Green shirt, blue-green short pants and blue shoes.

3 | Go for Neutrals

White. Black. Brown. All of them complement any other colours, either subtle or bold.

white shirt with blue-green shorts


Black racer back with blue-green shorts

Black… ooooh, you didn’t expect my sexiness? (chuckle) (puke)

grey shirt paired with blue-green shorts

Grey… oh wait, where’s brown?

4 | Have a Matching Accessory

Wristwatch. Bracelet. Or if you’re used to it, how about a ring with a huge stone that matches the colour of the short pants? Interesting, huh?

Tactless Taclobanon green bracelet paired with blue-green short pants

A creative bracelet (green) from Tactless Taclobanon (know the details)

Your Take?

How about you? What tips can you give for someone who’s not used to wearing pants (short or long) in bold colours?

Ethan in pink shirt with plaid purple/pink short pants

I have no problems with the pink & purple plaid short pants though (grins)

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