#helloDecember: Time for a Shave and Makeover Once Again

It’s finally December and the new month deserves something new — like a major makeover for myself. For this month, I finally decided to shave off (or trim) my hair and facial hair after at least 5 months of not doing so.

But before going though the shaving story…
… here’s to all the men around the world!

Ethan's no shave November 2016

This goes out to all the men around the world. Be strong! *heart*


I was supposed to shave in November, but considering it’s also the so-called Movember, I decided to postpone the shaving to December. Well, I haven’t officially and technically registered to be a part of the Movember campaign, so I guess you can call me as someone joining the bandwagon and “feeling foreigner”

Thank You message from Movember Foundation

You’re welcome. *love*
Basically, you stop buying men’s grooming products for the month and donate your savings (from the products you were supposed to buy) to the cause or to someone/team on an official Movember campaign)

Learn more about the Movember Foundation.

I am My Own Barber

The reason I don’t normally shave or trim my hair often is because I have a meticulous process of shaving. This involved plucking, trimming, shaving and other OCPD stuff.

suggestion for male hairdo

If you have the chance to do my hair and facial hair, how do you want them to look?
2 important rules though:
(1) eyebrows are off-limits; and
(2) plucking is only allowed on the hairs on the cheeks because I don’t want to have rough cheeks caused by shaving later in life .

I also shave my own head. I actually don’t know when it started but since I have an electric clipper at home (I don’t know who owns it, Hahaha), I could give myself a haircut and save money in the process.

tools for haircut and shave

Ready for my barber! Oh wait, that’s also me! haha

A haircut from barber shops is available for as low as P50 in Cebu. Yeah, that may be cheap but I tend to give an extra tip far greater than the actual price (it’s a bad habit of mine). Sometimes, the barbers (especially those in shopping centres and established shops) who can follow my instructions and perfect my preferences charge a hefty price. Ouch.

So at least by doing my own hair, I can enjoy great savings regularly. And even if things won’t go out fine, at least I only have myself to blame (and no expenses made). Worst case scenario? I’ll just go skinhead, which I am used to anyway.

before and after using hair clipper

Before and after hair clippers

I love growing my hair very long and not shaving for a long time. There’s something therapeutic about shaving or cutting my long hairs.

cut goatees

I wonder if I can sell these… I’m really broke. Haha.
I think this is the longest goatee I ever had so far. The other one, in orange rubber band, was from many years ago.

I also love the transformations I get to see while going through the steps of this makeover.

cropped beard and sideburns

Should I cut my moustache? (yeah, my back ground sucks. So do I. ooops?! Haha)

Ethan with dapper hairdo

I somehow like this angle

Doing this Alone

I shave and trim the hair on my face and head myself with no extra help from any of my housemates. Hashtag Forever Alone! Hahaha

I’m used to doing this alone though. Partly thanks to the way hair clippers are structured, you won’t be hurting your skin even when you quickly run the blades on your head and face.

You will also have to do a lot of selfies — as you may have noticed by now.

The hardest part though is when you get to do the back side. You will need a second mirror. Alternatively, a camera will do.

Ethan with bangs

working on the back is kind of the hardest part of the process. Hashtag Forever Alone

You have to bring your entire hair on the top to your front so that you won’t accidentally cut the strands at the back that aren’t supposed to be cut.

male hair bangs tied in ponytails

Hey, this should keep my bangs from hitting my eyeballs! Haha

The Final Look

Here’s the final output of this endeavour.

male hair idea - cropped front and back

How do I look?
I think I’ll change career soon. Haha

Do you think I nailed it?

Do you think I should change careers and become a barber? A “man-scaper” perhaps?

Leave your comments below :D

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