Thanks for the Help

If you like my posts and, out of the goodness of your heart, wonder if there’s any way you can help me share more stories, you can help fund my website or any activities related to the development of my blog.

You can check out the Cyberbegging page (haha) to learn more.

Alternatively, you can send in your funds not to me but as a donation to the Charities Close to My Heart.

You can also Hire freelance writer Florentino if you want great value from your investments in content marketing.

Thank you so much in advance. *love*

Gratitude and Acknowledgement

I would like to give thanks (and acknowledge) the following people who have helped me with this blog.

To a gradeschool classmate (she doesn’t want to be named) for the funds donated to pay for my annual web hosting worth 1.5 years.

To Daniele for the quick digital retouch to my personal drawings I used in my category labels.

To Ace for the free and valuable advices extended to me regarding my queries on website coding and development, among other technical information.

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